Facebook Ad Insights Google Data Studio Connector

Our bespoke Facebook Ad insights app has saved virtually all of our customers time

Because we have integrated our data connector with our FREE Data Studio Template, our Facebook Data studio connector is a turn-key solution. This is one of the ways virtually all of our customers save time using our app. A free trial makes this a huge upsdie in time saving versus a virtually no downside.

  • Free DataStudio templates make getting started as simple as clicking a button
  • Investing in automation has saved virtually all of our customers time
  • Turn key system means you can be up and running in minutes
  • First month free, cancel any time
  • Only $17 a month after that for automated reporting

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Facebook Ads Insights

Facebook Ads Insights is an interface, API, for Facebook's advertising reporting and analytics. Facebook's description of the Ads Insights Api states: "Provides a single, consistent interface to retrieve statistics about Ads, Ad Sets, and Campaigns." Using the our Google Sheets plugin, you can automate any combination of stats into a spreadsheet. This can then be connected to Google Data Studio. Here are some examples of important and interesting metrics that you can extract by combind Data REalte, Google Data Studio and FAcebook ads insights.

  • Cost per action type - This covers the cost of all relevant actions and can be broken down into the relevant actions
  • CPP - this is the cost per person reached, compared to the cpm which is the cost per impression, where someone could see it twice
  • Relevance Score - Once your ad has received greater than 500 impressions it is given a rating from 1 to 10, based on how well your target audience is responding to your ad.

Use Google Data Studio and Facebook Ads Insights to monitor your campaigns

We provide free DataStudio templates to make setting up dashboards a simple as copying one into your account. Once there you can link to a spreadsheet with Data Relate: FB installed and update with your own data. If you invest in our product your dashboards can updated on a daily basis. You could have a bespoke dashboard that compared cost per action with relevance score across all of your campaigns. With Google Data Studio, you can brand the dashboards with your company logo and share with your clients. Think of the time you could save.