Would a Data Studio Facebook Page Connector Save You Time?

With Data Relate You Can Start Automating Your Reports Today!

Our bespoke Data Studio Facebook Page Insights Connector means you can have your data in a format you can share at the click of a button. Our bespoke connectors make downloading excel spreadsheets a thing of the past. Every time somone opens one of our data studio reports it will be update, showing up to the minute data to your colleagues and clients.

Picture how much time you can save if you don't have to download and format anymore data. Virtually all of our customers have saved 100's of hours a year through reporting automation. You can as well for only $39 per month, cancel any time in the first month and get your money back.

  • App certified by Google and Facebook
  • Turn-key system will have you up and running in minutes
  • Impress clients with automated reporting
  • Virtually all our have saved time and money
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Spend your time on your campaigns, not on reporting

Reporting level, metric selection, attribution window and date range are just some of the Facebook Ad options options. With DataRelate virtually all of our customers have saved time. You can set up your queries to refresh everyday and update a Google Data Studio template.

Run your report once, our app will refresh it daily

Our app refreshes at 1am at your local time. This means you can check it quickly when you need to and clients can login and check it as well. Subscribers to Google App Script can have the system update hourly.

App designed especially for FaceBook

Our app is focused totally on FaceBook. Our set up is broken down into the different campaign strategies, making finding the right set of metrics easy. It also has preset queries that mean you can set up a live dashboard for a client in minutes.

Use Google Data Studio to monitor your campaigns

We provide free DataStudio templates to make setting up dashboards a simple as copying one into your account. Once there you can see the queries that are set up and create your own bespoke queries.