Google Data Studio Apps

Impove your reporting with our free Google Data Studio Apps

We have developed a date related comment system so all yur reports can be time proof. You can filter by a date a see what the comments were related to that period of the data. We've also developed a Facebook data connector that can help you get live facebook data into your report. This means you can manage your time more effectively with real time reporting that don't require any work.

  • Bespoke apps for Data Studio and Google Sheets
  • Turn-key system means can be set up in minutes

Google Data Studio Comments

Commenting sheet creator for Google Sheets

Data studio does not currently support a date related comment system. This makes the process of report commentary resembles the old-fashioned PowerPoint approach. Our app creates a sheet with automated time-stamping for commentary. This means if someone filters by a specific time range you will see relevant commentary. Virtually all of our customers have improved reporting experience with time-stamped comments.

  • Bespoke app for Data Studio and Google Sheets
  • Turn-key system means comments can be added in minutes
  • How to guide to walk you through set up
  • Virtually all our have saved time

Facebook - Automate FaceBook Reports

Save time and impress clients with our turn-key system

Customers respect accurate, interactive reports with our product you can deliver that for Facebook. Creating reports from Facebook campaigns is time consuming. Finding the right metrics, downloading and cleaning csv files, and that's before you have to deal with powerpoint!

  • Free DataStudio templates make getting started as simple as clicking a button
  • Investing in automation has saved virtually all of our customers time
  • Turn key system means you can be up and running in minutes
  • If you want to go further, guides and tips mean we can walk you through every step