Google Data Studio Facebook templates

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Automate Facebook Ad reports with our Google Sheets app Data Relate: Facebook and Google Data Studio. If you install the free app we include there is a link to a free template for impressions and spend by day just for installing the app! Virtually all of our customers have saved time and money using by letting app do the manual work for them. And with an investment of only $47 for the first 30 days, compared to how long reporting takes, is it worth trying out?

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Google Data Studio Facebook Insights Template

How to Install a Data Studio Template

Go to the Google Data Studio template in the following URL is set up for the facebook: In the top right hand corner you'll see a plus button. You can copy When you open the Open a new Google Sheets file and launch Supermetrics and go to the Template Gallery. Go to the custom URL and paste our URL above (this blog can help guide you through the process). Be certain that the metrics have downloaded correctly and that the date range is the one you want to use. Tip: We will download the set of monthly data with a “|” between the year and the month, which makes it difficult for Data Studio to read it. One easy way to delete it is to select the complete column and use the function “find” to replace “|” to “ “. Open our Facebook Insights Template: Create a copy of our Data Studio report. Select the data sources in the order below: When adding the data sources, verify that you change the “type of month” metric into “Year Month (YYYMM)”. You can do this in the second phase of adding this data source, or when you have set up the report. You will then receive a template a month as part of your subscription. Each will explore different areas of the Facebook Api. They will cover CPAs, audiences, canvases, retargeting, and more!