Connect Google Sheets to the Facebook API

Using our app you can run and automate Facebook reports in Google sheets

The Data Relate: Facebook Google Sheets app connects Facebook's Ads Insights API with Google Sheets. This means you don't have to login to Facebook to get data. You can run queries from sheets. Virtually all of our customers have saved both time and money using our app. You can to!

  • No logging into Facebook to get reports
  • Common used queries included
  • Turn key system means you can be up and running in minutes

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What's included?

  • Data limited to last 14 days after trial
  • Same day Email support
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What's included?

  • Unlimited data
  • Single Connector
  • Facebook Ads connector
  • Unlimited Facebook Accounts
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Combining Google Sheets with Facebook with our App

Easy to use and install, you can be running standard and bespoke reports in minutes with our app and Google sheets.

Step 1

Navigate to the add-ons page and choose to install

Sheets page for the add-on

Step 2

Once installed, you will see a pop up asking to allow access. The app needs to know your email to check whether you are registered. That is all it is used for and will ever be used for.

launched sidebar waiting of login

Step 3

Allow access to your sheets account to install the plugin.

allow access to your Google sheets account

Step 4

Once installed, you'll be prompted to open the navbar, which is in the add-ons drop down

Add-ons section at the top of sheets

Step 5

Once installed, you can follow the the pop up to launch the sidebar. You will find a facebook login. Click and follow the details to link Facebook and sheets

launched sidebar waiting of login

Step 6

We do not store any Facebook login details. This is only on Facebook's servers.

no data stored locally

Step 5

Once linked, follow the info on the screen and close the relevant window.

close the window

Step 5

You will then see the options available to you. Select your desired queries, select an account and run your query.

run facebook api queries in Google sheets

Step 6

If you want to change with

reset the associated account