Want to Connect Facebook Ads to Google Data Studio?

Our Facebook Ads connector links Google Data Studio to Facebook ads

Google Data Studio is a dashboard creating platform which is free to use. Facebook ads is not integrated into Google Data Studio natively. If you want to integrate Facebook data you will need a connector. You can then use Google Data Studio to report on Facebook ad campaigns.

  • Free Data Studio templates
  • Set up in 70 seconds
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With our connector you can have a working Google data studio dashboard in 70 seconds. Watch the video for proof!

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  • Unlimited data
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Use Google Data Studio and Facebook Ads Insights to monitor your social media campaigns

We provide free DataStudio templates to make setting up dashboards a simple as clicking "create report". If you invest in our product your dashboards can use an unlimited date range and as many Facebook Ad accounts as you are associated with. You could have a bespoke dashboard that compared cost per Facebook action with relevance score across all of your campaigns. With Google Data Studio, you can brand the dashboards with your company logo and share with your clients. Think of the time you could save.

Facebook Ads and Google Data Studio

Facebook Ads Insights is an interface, API, for Facebook's advertising reporting and analytics. Facebook's description of the Ads Insights Api states: "Provides a single, consistent interface to retrieve statistics about Ads, Ad Sets, and Campaigns." Using the our Google Data Studio connector plugin, you can combine the most important data from your social media advertising campaign into a dashboard. This can then be connected to Google Data Studio. Here are some examples of important and interesting metrics that you can extract by connecting Google Data Studio and Facebook ads insights.

  • Cost per action type - This is per action a Facebook user takes in relation to your Facebook ad campaign, like, share etc. the cost of all relevant actions a customer and can be broken down into the relevant actions
  • CPP - this is the cost per person reached, compared to the cpm which is the cost per impression, where someone could see it twice
  • Relevance Score - Once your ad has received greater than 500 impressions it is given a rating from 1 to 10, based on how well your target audience is responding to your ad.

Facebook Ads into Google Data Studio for free

Google sheets is integrated into Google Data studio, our Google Data Studio Commentary app is based in Google Sheets. If you want to get Facebook ads data into Google data Studio without paying for a connector you can do it with Google sheets. You will need to copy and paste the Facebook ads data into a Google sheet, then you can add the sheet as a data source in Data Studio. The data won't update, you'll have to do it manually, but it is free.