Google Data Studio Comments

Commenting sheet creator for Google Sheets

Data studio does not currently support a date related comment system. This makes the process of report commentary resembles the old-fashioned PowerPoint approach. Our app creates a sheet with automated time-stamping for commentary. This means if someone filters by a specific time range you will see relevant commentary. Virtually all of our customers have improved reporting experience with time-stamped comments.

  • Bespoke app for Data Studio and Google Sheets
  • Turn-key system means comments can be added in minutes
  • How to guide to walk you through set up
  • Virtually all our have saved time

Guide To Using Data Relate: Data Studio Commentary App

Step 1

After installing the add-on you will find it under add-ons in the navbar

Step 2

Once opened you can enter a name for the new comments sheet you’d like to create, leaving it blank will let Google Sheets name it for you

Step 3

The new sheet will have 5 columns, number, commentary, data source and commentator. If you add a comment under the header row it will automatically update columns Number and Date with relevant number and the date the current date. These can be changed manually, if you needed to back date comments for example.

Step 4

Now you can go to Google data Studio and create a new data source.

Step 5

Once in the new data source screen choose Google sheets, all items, the spreadsheet and the relevant work sheet

Step 6

You will then see the columns that were in the work sheet and you can add it to the report

Step 7

Then select the table option, Google Data Studio will use the new data source, and you will see your comments! You can add the other elements, data source commentator by adding them as dimensions

Step 8

By using the number column to order the comments you can remove the row numbers from the table. You can find this under STYLE. Once unchecked you will get only the comments and the number.

Step 9

Once you include the date range, you or anyone else can filter by date and find the commentary relevant to that period